Yoga Getaways



We have custom made Yoga retreats at striking sites to give you the perfect mix of wellness, spirituality and time off moments. Our retreat curriculum has different activities like therapeutic yoga, meditation, power yoga, pranayam, sukshma yoga, ergonomics, chair yoga etc. They help you boost productivity and concentration and help manage stress.

Power yoga –

Power yoga is a very vigorous form of yoga. It is fitness based yoga including a lot of vinyasas. It emphasizes on strength and flexibility of the muscles. These days, most of the celebrities are up for this Yoga practice.

Meditation –

Yoga actually means ‘the union with divine’. It is incomplete without meditation. Meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining the higher realm of consciousness. It requires the inner state to be still and the mind to be silent. Meditation helps you attain a peaceful life.

Therapeutic yoga –

Yoga is naturally therapeutic. It helps in curing diseases and illnesses. Therapeutic yoga is designed as per you needs. You can cure weight related issues, diabetes, thyroid, acidity, knee pain, joint pain, cervical, back pain and a lot more. Our experienced instructor will help you get the required therapy effectively.

Asanas and pranayam –

Asanas and pranayam help in smoothening the oxygen circulation. It makes your body light. It helps in destructing diseases, boosting the power and immunity of the body. They make your heart and lungs healthy.

Sukshma yoga –

Suffering from any physical ailment? Sukshma yoga is the answer. This type of yoga helps you increase the vigor and strength making your body healthy. These relaxation techniques are short, simple and subtle. This module has easy and effective exercises for quick relaxation. It also helps fight ageing and gives a glow on your face.

Ergonomics and chair yoga –

Ergonomics and chair yoga is especially designed for corporate employees to help them combat stress. These days, everyone is stressed up to an extent and this condition makes your body house for a number of problems like low or high blood pressure, hyper or hypo tension, depression, etc. We have this module for people suffering from such ailments. It helps them not only become distressed but also increases their capabilities making them strong and active.