Jal neti –

Jalaneti is a nasal technique in yoga which helps in cleaning the nasal cavity and getting it free from mucus. It helps unclog the sinuses as nasal hygiene is very important. Nasal hygiene is directly connected to migraine, headaches, asthma and other allergies. This technique is also useful for sore throats, tonsils and helps in improving vision. It is an ancient yoga technique with a large number of benefits. It is beneficial for certain types of ear infections also. It has subdued effect on pineal and pituitary glands also which harmonize our emotional behavior.

Kunjal or Vaman –

Kunjal kriya also known as Vaman kriya is a practice that helps in improving the digestion. Digestive system is the most important part of the body. It is the gateway to a number of health issues. This kriya cleans the stomach by removing the undigested food remains, acid formed and other bowel gases. It also removes extra mucus from the food pipe. It is one of the most effective techniques and has instant results. Those suffering from stomach related issues of acidity, indigestion, headache etc. must learn this kriya and practice it regularly. It will tone and refresh all the abdominal organs.

Tratak –

Tratak kriya is the perfect and the easiest exercise for your eyes. It helps improve the vision and memory by strengthening the eye muscles. It helps in boosting the ability of concentration thereby is highly effective and recommended for children. It helps those with seeping difficulties and bedwetting issues. All you have to do is to concentrate on a point on the wall or the candle flame. This will help you get rid of all eye related disorders. This kriya helps you open your third eye and attain self possession.

Kapal bharti –

Kapal bharti kriya has a lot of health benefits. It is the most intrinsic part of Yoga. This kriya forms the base of all the breathing exercises. It helps remove all the toxins from the body, improve blood circulation and heart rate. It improves digestion, cures obesity and constipation. As ‘kapal’ means forehead and ‘bhati’ means shining, practicing this kriya gives you a glowing and supple skin. It even helps in reducing hairfall. Kapalbhati improves your overall health as healthy respiratory and digestive system are the most prominent systems of the body and this kriya focuses on these systems’ health.

Basti –

Basti is a colon cleaning technique. This kriya is an important part of the yogic system of body cleansing. There are two techniques of practicing basti kriya. One of them is sthala basti which cleans the colon by sucking in air through the catheter tube and the other one is jala basti which cleans the colon by sucking water into the colon. This kriya will help you calm down all digestion and stomach related issues and eliminates all kinds of allergies and skin problems caused due to indigestion.

Dhauti –

Dhauti means washing. Washing here refers to internal cleaning. It is a technique of detoxifying your inner self. The kriya cleans the digestive system by cleaning the complete tract and thus have effects mainly on respiratory tract, ears and eyes. This kriya restores the natural pH balance of the body and its chemical composition by cleansing the body effectively.

Rubber neti –

Rubber neti, also known as sutra neti is same as jala neti with the only difference that the former is performed with sutra (cotton string) and the latter is done with jal (water). It is the technique used for cleaning the nasal cavity and get rid of all the mucus present by inserting the string through the nose and pulling it out from the mouth. It helps in treating all the problems like sore throat, migraine, asthma, tonsils, etc. that are directly or indirectly related to nose. It is an ancient technique of nasal cleansing and is highly effective.

Laghu shankh Prakshalan –

Laghu shankh prakshalan is the process of completely cleaning the whole inner body from mouth to anus. It is basically washing of the intestine and the stomach. This kriya has amazing health benefits. It helps in body transformation. It helps dilute digestive problems, tones the liver and other glands. It strengthens the immune system, purifies the blood and removes blockages from all the nadis (channels) of the body. It not only helps you be physically strong but also calms your mind and helps you reach higher state of consciousness. This is highly beneficial for those suffering from gastric ulcers and high blood pressures.