Healing Therapies



Meditation –

In today’s globalised world, we are running behind chasing our dreams at such a fast pace that we don’t realize that each one of us is being constantly followed by a virus named Stress. It is so infectious that no one, neither the kids, youngsters nor the adults are left out. The only anti-virus known that can kill it is meditation. Meditation is meant for relaxation. This process helps you get your brain back to its original state making it feel fresh, calm and relaxed. It helps you normal our blood pressure, fight depression and anxiety making you more creative and happy.

Naturopathy –

Nature is the biggest curer. Our body itself has the capability of preventing any disease and reinstating a healthy body. Naturopathy is a technique for curing ailments naturally. This procedure doesn’t include medicines but focuses on treating a person by changing their eating habits and practicing the right exercises. It helps in restoring health and preventing diseases. This process has different therapies like diet therapy, fasting therapy, mud therapy, etc. The technique can help you treat all types of injuries and illnesses.

Reiki Healing –

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing the body by reducing stress. It is a very simple and safe way of spiritual healing. It helps in muscle relaxation and helps washing away all the negativity. Those suffering from severe depression can attain peaceful state of mind in a few sessions. This technique shows instant results and helps in bringing peace, harmony and spiritual awareness.

Pranic healing –

Pranic healing is a very simple and effective healing therapy. Prana means life-force. This healing process uses prana and helps the person maintain a good healthy life. This technique helps the body repair itself. It utilizes all your energy and makes you feel the aura around the body and its effects on the body.

Acupressure –

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique which aims to clear the blockages in the body. It is done basically by applying pressure on certain acupressure points with the help of hands, elbow or specially designed tools. Pressing those specific points regularly helps clear the blockages and relieves all types of pains. It even helps manage nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach ailments, back pain, cervical and what not.

Color therapy –

Each color has its own fixed wavelength and energy. Color therapy can help you improve your physical, spiritual and emotional well being. Each cell of our body needs energy to function properly. Thus the color therapy provides energy to the cells thereby affecting the entire body. This therapy helps rebalance our chakras. It helps us get aware of the energy of the colors and results in transforming the whole body.

Crystal healing –

Crystals can absorb and emit light radiations. They can diffuse the energy fields. They help unblock, stabilize or direct the energy where it is needed. The therapist uses a large number of crystals each put at the acupressure point. The crystals thus absorb the extra energy present at certain points and transfer it to the point where it is needed. It is a natural approach and has no side-effects. The technique is magical for those facing sleeping issues.

Massage therapy –

Massage therapy is being practiced for thousands of years. It uses different techniques, movements and pressures at certain points of the body. The technique used depends on the person’s requirements. It is a highly effective therapy of muscle and tissue manipulation. It helps you get rid of headaches, soft tissue injuries, digestive disorders, stress, etc.

Mental Counseling –

In today’s stressed environment, mental health counseling is something many people are looking for. There is nothing to get ashamed of. Mental counseling helps your mind declutter from the thoughts, feelings and behaviors and makes you de-stressed. The therapy focuses on helping the patients face the challenges of daily life. Arogya Yogshala is a pioneer in providing counseling sessions to the needy.