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Abhishek Bharti


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Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti, founded AROGYA YOGSHALA on 15th August 2015 at Dhanbad, Jharkhand with the aim of providing a healthy and peaceful way of living to people around him. Today’s lifestyle is full of hustle and bustle. Everyone is trying to find ways to cope up with the stress they go through daily. AROGYA YOGSHALA is the one time solution for all your issues. You either want to get fit, look younger, heal any of your problems or you want to get away with your stress, give us a chance once and feel the difference. We can offer you the best health solutions as per your pockets and simultaneously fulfilling our aim of providing you a healthy life. Our primary goal is to provide you a path of achieving harmony in your body and mind. We have a number of options of therapies to choose from according to your needs. We want to aware people about their health and wellness and teach them how their health is directly connected to their spiritual and emotional well being. Yoga not only helps you in attaining physical fitness but also helps improve musculoskeletal and cardio-vascular health. It manages diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disorders like asthma and many other lifestyle related disorders. It helps you reduce depression, fatigue and anxiety disorders. AROGYA YOGSHALA has yoga modules designed for weight loss and gain. We have yoga for pregnant women to help them have the best experience of this beautiful journey. We use different techniques and items to help you tone your body, cure all your problems. We provide Yoga Training for people working in corporate sector, BPOs, Hospitals, etc. We have specially designed Chocolate Yoga and Musical Yoga for them. Those who want to take forward yoga as their career, you will be glad to know that we have yoga teacher training programs also. You can enroll yourself and become a certified yoga instructor. You can even work in our studio as an instructor but it solely depends on your performance and learning abilities. We organize workshops, seminars, conferences and Yoga Camps to spread awareness among people. We invite you to our studio to join us, feel fresh, get rejuvenated and beautify yourself.